Sheet Metal Shack

Sheet Metal Shack was just a lark. I thought corrugated metal, all rusted and painted different colours, was "scenic." Now as a result of this lark I have had a quick education about life in some of the poorest slums around the world. I learn more every day.

Perhaps some of you will also come here to look and stay to learn. I have so far covered some of South Africa's Khayelitsha; Kenya's Kibera slum in Nairobi; Dharavi in Mumbai, India; Cite Soleil in Haiti; the Petare in Caracas, Venezuela; Brazil's Favelas; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Manila in the Philippines. Unfortunately there will be many more.

Learn more about How Slums Develop:
More links as I find them.
Indian housing estate by pippeteen on Flickr.
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